Testimonial | Dr Caroline Whittaker

Dr Caroline Whittaker

Rhian has been my mentor for triathlon for this season and last season. She has helped me to train correctly to gain the most I can from my training. At times she increases the volume or intensity, but at times, particularly when I am tired or before a race, she advises me to reduce the amount I am doing. Sometimes I am wanting to train too much, and she stops me from overtraining. She can often see faults in my training that I am not aware of, and help me to correct these.

She is very experienced, having been an elite athlete herself in the past, and uses this to mentor and advise me.

With her help I have won my age group at the European Triathlon Championships twice, and also won my age group in the Aquathlon at the World Triathlon Championships ( I came 2nd in the Triathlon after falling off my bike!!), and many age group awards at smaller races.